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22nd September 2014
TGTool and T2Tool have been updated to and can be found in the Games Fix Guides.

22th April 2014
Website Main Page Overhaul Activated!

28th July 2013
I know I've been quiet on the update front lately but I have my reasons!
Earlier this month, I was approached by Night Dive Studios to help them with some projects.

Naturally I can't talk about anything I'm doing but I can say that exciting stuff will be coming soon!

22nd May 2013
Today, I'm happy to release TGTool and T2Tool!
These tools will take any installation of Thief Gold/Thief 2 and apply all the latest updates to them automatically!

You can find them in the Game Fix Guides!

16th March 2013
Death Row has been released for Left 4 Dead 2! You can find it on the Steam Workshop here
It includes extra detail and expanded areas! Enjoy!


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